Conventional Wisdom is not Enough - The Endangered Species list is hobbled by special interest groups. In many so-called parks, poachers and squatters operate brazenly. Cash-strapped zoos run Species Survival Plans with leftover dollars and spare room. This is our bid to avoid extinction?

Token gestures toward helping the environment spring up everywhere to keep us from panicking. They are a gospel of false hope that keeps the economy humming, the voter voting and the shopper shopping. �After all,� some say, �the Endangered Species Act saved the whooping crane.� �After all,� others say, �large portions of many critical habitats are preserved as National Parks.� Isn�t your local zoo is running a Species Survival Plan to save the Snow Leopard?

Yes and no....

Think about it�if these measures work so well, why is biodiversity still plunging so fast? It�s because conventional wisdom is far more conventional than wise. We are used to getting pats on the back. Sure, we aren�t the generation that killed off the passenger pigeon, but we are the generation that�s cutting down the Amazon rainforest and melting the polar ice caps. We want everything faster, cheaper, bigger, yet we don�t want to be troubled by the ugly details.

How long do you think we can keep this up? How much faith should we place in the Endangered Species Act and the Species Survival Plan?

At Tiger Touch we don�t offer conventional wisdom, we offer unconventional solutions. Wisdom of any kind that does not prompt effective, timely action is not enough to save the world. At Tiger Touch we use experiential learning techniques to reacquaint wisdom with its practical application.