Our Leaders arenít Leading Ė Ambitious people follow power and money. Since straight talk about the environment does not reel in research grants, shore up political careers, or bring up the bottom line, they have no incentive to warn you. Solving the current dilemma is a major investment we must make to avoid the ultimate bankruptcy: extinction.

Do you entrust your life with people who only want your vote or your dollars? Wrapped up in their personal agenda, these people may even convince themselves that by getting elected or running experiments they will make your world a better place. They are deluding themselves and you.

Some donít even bother to cloak their intentions, scaring you with dependence on foreign oil or bribing you with lower prices.

Salvation does not come from political victory or scientific discovery, energy independence or economic growth. It comes from changing manís attitude toward nature and his place in it.

At Tiger Touch our goal is to save natureóand ourselvesóby freeing truth from the drive to make money and win votes. Independent, unbiased truth clearly supports a move to a sustainable lifestyle that makes room for all creatures.