Tiger Touch is the Way - We offer tough solutions that work in the real world. Our sole agenda is to identify problems, find solutions, and empower those who would act on this knowledge with enthusiasm, education and inspiration.

Unlike many other movements that offer new ideas as the answer to your problems, Tiger Touch is reacquainting people with ancient wisdom. Before our mad rush to separate ourselves from nature, we lived in the world, not just on it. We followed the rhythms of nature and found inspiration in its mighty powers and its subtle nuances.

Too often we are like travelers on the interstate, hurtling down concrete strips in airtight boxes past walls of trees we may not stop and touch. As part of nature, we must recognize our responsibility to the planet that gives us food, drink, fresh air, lodging, beauty, and ultimately relationships with other creatures that also seek those things.

The best way to learn this is through experiential learning, the fount of our ancestors´┐Ż wisdom. Tiger Touch uses experiential learning techniques to reconnect people with nature.