Feral Domestic Cat - Felis catus

Weight: 8-15 lbs
Head/Body: 12-24 in
Tail: 5-10 in
Subspecies: Legion

When deprived of human companionship, the domestic cat will revert to the wild state: such a cat is said to be feral. When this occurs, it will, within the course of a few generations, lose most of its man-introduced and artificially- maintained recessive characteristics, and stabilize as a small, muscular cat of a definite type and coloration. This body type and coloration can be seen in the common alleycat, which is merely a feral or semiferal cat still residing around people. The ordinary mackerel-stripped tabby in black-brown or orange are the dominant coat patterns and colors, though there will always be some individuals with solid black or dark-brown coats.

Unlike other wild cats, with the exception of the lion, the feral cat will often be found in groups, called clowders. The feral clowder bonds together for mutual comfort and affection, but will seldom hunt together or band in mutual defense against a common enemy.

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