Jungle Cat - Felis chaus

Weight: 16-30 lbs
Head/Body: 24-30 in
Tail: 9-12 in
Subspecies: 9

Possibly one of the ancestors of the domestic cat, the jungle cat is a well proportioned cat with a sturdy build and definite cat-like movements and actions. It is definitely a mutated Felis sylvestris. Its coat is sandy gray to tawny red with pale stripped-tabby body markings (more pronounced in kittens) with darker, almost black tabby-type facial markings, dorsal stripe, and tail tip.

The jungle cat may be found in the jungles, woodlands, scrub, reedbeds and marshes of Egypt and southern Asia. Often found living in and around human settlements and farms. It hunts by night or day, from the ground, and seeks rodents, reptiles, birds, and other small animals.