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Before Ethics and Morality - By Dr. James W. Prescott. The effect of sensory deprivation on higher animals.

It's a Cat's Life - A brief overview of how cats make a living in the wild. Suitable for all ages.

Lion Expressions - By John Burkitt. A lighthearted but accurate look at lion expressions. Suitable for all ages.

Readings in Behavior - Edited by John Williamson. Collected articles on animal behavior that shed light on aspects of our work.

Confessions of a Cat-o-holic - A lighthearted but spot-on view of cat behavior at Tiger Touch.

Touching the Tiger - The Work of James W. Prescott, Edited by John Burkitt for general readers.


Readings in Biodiversity - Edited by John Williamson. Collected articles on biodiversity that shed light on the urgency of our work.

Keep Wildlife in the Wild? - Edited by John Williamson. Why we must work to improve the conditions of captive animals in light of the uncertainty of habitat preservation.

Barbary and Cape Lions - By Nobuyuki Yamaguchi. An overview of efforts to breed back Barbary and Cape lions from surviving bloodlines.

Are Tigers Here to Stay? - A sobering essay by John Williamson.


Cats of the World - Learn about the wild and wonderful members of Family Felidae.


Fun With Coloring - Are you brave enough to color a lion or tiger? If not, you can color these pictures.

Kingdom of the Barbaries - By John Burkitt. The dramatic story of the rise, fall, and rise again of the lords of North Africa. Suitable for all ages.

Maze: Help Little Khan Find Mom - Can you find your way through the maze?

Operation Survival 21 - Thought-provoking and self-contained conservation and ecology curriculum aimed at Middle School but suitable for Upper Elementary and High School audiences. Includes matching Teacher's Guide and Activities Booklet.

Word Search: Find the Cats - All 37 species of cats are waiting for your pen or pencil.


Adventures With Nala - Our lioness Nala has a great sense of humor. And we're not just saying that because she's big enough to pound her critics into the ground...right, Nala? Suitable for all ages.


Advanced Nutrition - Edited by John Williamson. The importance of micronutrients in carnivore diets, focusing on Spirulina, Chlorella and Wheatgrass as efficient suppliments.


The Freedom to Connect - By John Williamson, Tim Stoffel and John Burkitt. Ending mankind's self-imposed exile from nature is more urgent now than ever before.

The Reuniting of Moral and Natural Law - By John Burkitt. Addressing our need to deal morally with our relationship with nature.

Private Captive Stewardship and Species Survival - By Dr. James W. Prescott. An overview of the importance of healing touch and movement in the raising of carnivores.

The Proper Keeping of Tigers and Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs - By John H. Burkitt. An understanding of a tiger's complex needs in the light of the Maslovian Heirarchy.

Raising Healthy Cubs - How to help cubs reach their potential; to thrive, not just survive.

Rights and Liberties - By John Burkitt. The legal and moral justification for our work.

Tiger Touch: Touching the Tiger - By John Burkitt. An essay originally written for American Way Magazine.


Juris-Imprudence: When Laws Go Overboard - A collection of strange laws about the keeping of animals. Perhaps your state is on the list?

Tiger Touch Brochure - Download your copy here.